Book Launch Roadmap Toolkit

Learn the skills to confidently create and implement a book launch plan without overwhelm or thousands of dollars invested in a team you’ve never met.

Does this sound familiar?

You worked so hard to finish your manuscript, but you know the work doesn’t end there.

But when you think about the work it takes to market a book in 2021 in the fast-changing world of publishing, you feel a sense of dread.

You think…

I can’t afford to outsource this.

I’m a writer, not a marketer.

There are 1,000 ideas for book launch marketing out there- do I have to do all of those things?

Imagine being able to launch your book and know that it was going to sell copies and generate the visibility and reviews you need without staying up all night launch week panicking.

Introducing the Book Launch Roadmap Toolkit

Insider secrets for launching your book, building buzz, and becoming a highly visible author.

What makes the Book Launch Roadmap Toolkit different?

You’ve put a ton of work into writing your book. Weeks, months, maybe even years.

But the process of outsourcing your book launch to a marketing specialist can easily cost $5,000 to $10,000.

And by the time you discover they didn’t do enough? It’s too late.

Whether you’re traditionally published or self-published, it’s your job to market your book.

In this course, you’ll learn the important components of launching a book that is purchased by someone other than just your mom (Thanks Mom, but I really want some other sales!)

By the end of this program, you’ll know how to:

  • Implement an eight part process for book launch success so that you only do what you need to and don’t get overwhelmed
  • Create a month-by-month plan for everything you need to do to launch a book and sell copies so that you can stay on track and feel excited, not exhausted, on launch day
  • Build and leverage a launch team so that you can capitalize on early feedback and reviews
  • Assign tasks to yourself or your team on a template Trello board for every book launch you do so that you can see where everything is at in one place
  • Rent an audience and generate awareness about you and your book by appearing as a podcast guest expert
  • Generate social media copy that gets your followers excited about pre orders, releases, and bonuses.
  • Use basic Amazon Ads to build on your organic traffic and metrics

Here’s what’s inside:

  • My ebook on the 8-step process of launching a book to thousands of readers
  • A Trello board with all the actual activities we do for my own book launches and suggestions for extra options
  • A podcast pitching script and how-to guide on pitching for podcasts based on landing and securing 150+ podcast interviews myself (without the help of a publicist or agency)
  • A checklist of ideas to post on social media without saying “buy my book” over and over again
  • Launch team activity checklists and scripts to use with your launch team
  • Amazon Ads checklist with my top tips that I’ve used to run campaigns, including those with a 10x return on ad spend

To be honest with you, I spent thousands of dollars in marketing money and woman hours to learn all this and figure out the tricks and tips! I don’t want you to go through that, too, especially if it’s your first book and there’s so much on the line.

That’s why you’re getting all this for $27!

I’m Laura, and in 2019, I launched my first traditionally published book. I got marketing quotes from “experts” who promised me great results for anywhere from $3,000-20,000. I couldn’t afford that and, frankly, I wasn’t impressed with any proposal I got. It seemed very basic and like I could do it all myself.

When we sold my first book, my agent told me, “Do a good job with this launch and we’ll be in a great position for future book deals.” I worked my tail off on that first launch.

I did everything, including some things that went nowhere.

Here’s why that’s good for you: I took all the things that did make a difference and condensed them into my 8-step process and all the templates and tips above. I use these exact tools for my own book launches.

And my agent was right- we sold so many books in my first launch that 60 days later, we sold my second and third books to the same publisher.

That second book had over 2,000 pre-orders in a highly-niched category, too and when it came out, my publisher told me, “You get an A+ for book marketing. Truly excellent.”

I want you to get on the fast track and avoid the book marketing mistakes that so many authors make.

The Book Launch Roadmap Toolkit is perfect for you if:

  • You have some basic marketing savvy and just need tips on exactly what to implement and what you can ignore
  • You’re a self-published or traditionally published author who does not want to be asking on launch day, “what can I do to sell more copies? I only made 2 sales.”
  • You have 4-6 months minimum before your next book launch and you’re willing to do the work with a launch team, social media, and podcast pitching to make your book launch a success.
  • You know you need a marketing plan but can’t afford to pay the thousands of dollars for unknown return with marketing “experts.”
  • My top 14 book promotion sites you can use to get extra sales on launch day and push up your book in the rankings fast.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready.

You’re ready for a system you can use over and over to get results with your book launch (or you want to purchase this for your VA so they can manage it all for you.)

I’m ready, Laura- give me the Book Launch Roadmap Toolkit!

Your Instructor

Laura Pennington Briggs
Laura Pennington Briggs

Laura launched her freelance writing business in 2012 with no formal training and scaled it to six figures in just 18 months. Since 2013, she's worked full-time as a freelance writer online. Today, she manages her freelance writing business in the mornings and coaches other freelancers in the afternoon. A digital nomad with a passion for freedom-based careers, Laura uses her skillset to help freelancers build a tailored plan for their success.

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